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Benno Weissner

ZENIT – Center for Innnovation and Technogy, Project Manager

Veranstaltungen mit Benno Weissner:

Benno Weissner has worked as an innovation and internationalisation consultant at ZENIT - Zentrum für Innovation und Technik in Nordhrhein Westfallen since 2008. ZENIT is the innovation and European agency of the state and primarily advises SMEs. Before that, he worked for 8 years as startup adviser at the Technology Centre Ruhr in Bochum and as a research assistant at the Institute for Ecological Economic Research in Berlin. At ZENIT, he focuses on the areas of ICT and Sustainablility. In this context, he was also involved for 8 years in the National Contact Point for Innovative ICT Applications of the German Federal Ministry of Economics. He currently heads the Internationalisation Team within the Enterprise Europe Network NRW at ZENIT. He is member oft he Thematic Groups ScaleUp and Sustainability in the Enterprise Europe Network.