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Francesca Goi

, Independent consultant

Veranstaltungen mit Francesca Goi:

Independent consultant specialized in luxury goods and services; Francesca Goi has a deep expertise in the yachting industry, through a twenty-year experience in the field. After covering preeminent marketing roles within American and Italian companies, she has been consulting for multiple yachting entities. She is a contributor for IBI - International Boat Industry, and other yachting magazines, and adjunct professor in luxury marketing. Francesca contributed to a management book that will be released in 2023 with a chapter about sustainability and luxury. Graduated from Bocconi University in Milan, she is currently preparing a Doctorate in Business Administration, with triple degree track from BSI, Skema Business School and IAE Lyon. Her thesis is about the application of sharing economy to the luxury industry. Italian native, she is now based in France.