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Jérôme Pero

Federation of the Europen Sporting Goods Industry (FESI), Secretary-General

Veranstaltungen mit Jérôme Pero:

Jérôme Pero is the Secretary General of the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry
(FESI). He represents the sporting goods sector in Europe and speaks for EU companies, national
federations and retailers.

Jérôme Pero joined FESI in 2007. He became Public Policy Director in 2015 and Board Member of the
European Commission European Week of Sports Advisory Group in the same year. Jérôme Pero is also
Member of the European Commission Advisory Board to improve economic and policy knowledge in
the field of sport related industries, as well as observer at the Commission’s expert groups on Green
Sports and COVID recovery. He is also member of the Advisory Board of ISPO.
In 2017, he was appointed Secretary General of FESI, overseeing all the activities related to the
Federation, including advocacy, planning and strategy. In particular, Jérôme Pero is coordinating the
policy work of the following working committees of the Federation: Digital (innovation and wearable
technology), Product compliance (REACH and other chemicals legislations, consumer
information), Corporate responsibility (goods practices, industry leadership, members states
initiatives), and Sport (football, winter sports and promotion of physical activity).
Jérôme Pero holds a Master’s degree in political science and European Studies from the Université
libre de Bruxelles.

He is a Luxembourgish national, and is fluent in English, French, German, and Luxembourgish.