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Kellie Covington

Sustainable Marine Alliance, Co-Founder

Veranstaltungen mit Kellie Covington:

Kellie has worked across the spectrum of the sailing industry, from teaching and coaching to Superyachts and Professional Race Teams. With a degree in aerospace engineering her initial career was as a yacht engineer and she sailed over 40000 nm; visiting some of the most beautiful places on the planet. During this time she was confronted with some glaring environmental issues and started questioning how society deals with waste and consumption. Kellie now has an MBA in the circular economy and co-founded the marine specialized sustainability consultancy Nekton in 2020. She has recently worked with 11th Hour Racing, The Ocean Race, MerConcept and Y.CO. In 2022, with Anne-Cecile Turner and Pierre Germeau, she co-founded the Sustainable Marine Alliance, a new initiative designed to advance the integration of sustainability into the Recreational Marine Industry through increased collaboration and targeted action.