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Laurent Probst

PwC Luxembourg, Partner

Veranstaltungen mit Laurent Probst:

With more than 20 years in international economic and innovation growth strategy, Laurent Probst, Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Luxembourg designed and led some of the most important EU and government international growth programmes such as:
- the largest international acceleration programme (www.eu-gateway.eu) for EU tech companies in Green, Space and Water technologies, Renewable Energy, Food technology and ICT sectors to enter 12 Asian markets. This programme reached out to 2500 companies with more than 90% satisfaction rate and more than 50% commercial success.
- The international Blue Economy Investment Platform (www.blue-invest.eu) gathering in 18 months a community of more 1200 investors and corporate members to accelerate the growth of blue, space and green technologies and businesses.
Laurent has led some of the most innovative digital and space projects for different clients such as ESA, Eu Commission and Thales Alenia Space on:
- Space Resources market opportunities.
- Development of a prototype for a Digital Twin Earth (work in progress).
- Development of innovation and business opportunities related to Copernicus Programme.
Laurent also regularly advises European Institutions on the development of enabling ecosystems for emerging sectors such as New Space, Blue Economy and Low Carbon Economy. Laurent is the co-author of the book Upskill describing best practices and proposing new solutions for a massive deployment of upskilling programmes.
On the personal side, Laurent has created two coding schools for unemployed young people bringing 300 people back to jobs in less than 5 months (including 3 months training) as web developer.
Laurent is a strategic advisor of the UNPD Global Knowledge Index program. Laurent just obtained in 2021 the certificate of University of Cambridge Business and Climate Change curriculum: Towards Net Zero Emissions.