Louis Hadjioannou

Associate Researcher at Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI)

Veranstaltungen mit Louis Hadjioannou:

Louis Hadjioannou is a biologist specializing in marine biodiversity/ecology of Cyprus and the Mediterranean with expertise on the effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances in priority habitats (e.g., reefs, submerged caves, Posidonia meadows) and vulnerable species (e.g., corals, elasmobranchs, monk seals). He also has experience in monitoring of marine protected areas (MPAs), invasive species and artificial reefs through underwater visual and remote sensing techniques, as well as investigating the effects of fisheries (e.g. bycatch) on the marine environment. He has participated in several national and international projects in the last 15 years and took part in a number of field-survey expeditions, leading some of them. He is an associate researcher at CMMI since November 2020, coordinating the Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Centre’s (MarCEC) efforts on co-managing MPAs, scientific diving training program, monitoring of priority habitats/species and managing alien/invasive species, as well as developing a strategy for promoting sustainable diving tourism in Cyprus.