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Martin Redmayne

The Superyacht Group, Chairman

Veranstaltungen mit Martin Redmayne:

Having left University in the late 80’s, disillusioned and frustrated by the world of education and not quite mature enough for a real job, I embarked on a voyage of discovery by applying for a job on a 90 foot sailing yacht based in Istanbul. This was my first step into the world of Superyachts and after this baptism I have never looked back.
Boredom soon set in and the square meters of teak deck and varnished tops sides that needed regular attention, were no longer my friends, so I returned to London in search of a career in the media. After learning the commercial ropes of publishing at a variety of media groups, a role became available in the 1989 to run the commercial operations of the then emerging Boat International Media Group. Having witnessed a market shift and predicted the growth that appeared on the horizon in the 90’s, I jumped ship and started my own business, The Superyacht Group. Some thirty plus years later I am still sailing a steady course at the helm of this dynamic and wonderful business that has the unstinting mission – of delivering excellent journalism, brilliant debates and powerful intelligence, all with the objective of “Building a Better Superyacht Market”.
What happens next is anyone’s guess, but I’m looking forward to it.