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Steffen Haebich

ADAC e.V., Senior Manager, Special Interest Tourism

Veranstaltungen mit Steffen Haebich:

2007-2018: responsible area of expertise in nautical tourism
and leisure boating at ADAC e.V., Munich – leading a team of 15
· Since 2018: senior manager special interest tourism at ADAC
e.V., Munich (besides watertourism also camping – and
motorcycle tourism, customs consulting and second level
consulting) – leading a team of 25 clerks and experts
· 2021: Development of a Strategy 2023+ for the ADAC Tourism
Department, taking into account the megatrends affecting
· Long-term function as an instructor in leisure boating and also
experiences in the field of environmental education

2003: Diploma in Geography, Stuttgart University
· 2004-2007: scholar of German Research Foundation within an
interdisciplinary graduate college, lecturer at Freiburg
· In 2009: PhD thesis: „Environmental and anthropogen
geomorphodynamics in middle black forests european main
watershed areas“ à Doctor of (natural) Science