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Vanessa Georg

The SeaCleaners, International Corporate Partnership Development Manager

Veranstaltungen mit Vanessa Georg:

Vanessa Georg is an expert in international business development. She completed her fashion, luxury goods and retail management studies at the EBC Hochschule in Düsseldorf and at Berkeley College in New York. Vanessa contributed significantly to the global expansion of American, Dutch and French hyper-growth companies in the consumer goods and lifestyle industries. Always passionate about the preservation of our environment and concerned about the continuous deterioration of Mother Earth, Vanessa Georg decided to use her expertise for a greater cause and joined the environmental association The SeaCleaners in its mission to protect our ocean from plastic pollution. Especially in regards to her (German)-Filipino roots the ocean’s wellbeing and the mismanagement of plastic waste is very close to home. She takes a key role in the organization’s accelerating internationalization by building strategic corporate partnerships.