13:0013:15 28. Jan 2023
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Love your ocean

Our seafloor is key to tackle climate change

The seafloor mirrors how healthy our oceans are, and healthy oceans are key to billions of people in terms of food, jobs and climate regulation. Did you know the seafloor is the best atmospheric carbon sequester we know? Kelp and seagrasses are up to 20 times more efficient in taking up carbon than land-based forests. Then, if the seafloor is so important to us, why do we still know more about the surface of Mars than our own planet? Hannah will take you on a journey to the bottom of our oceans, and will show you its current state, how important the seafloor is and why it is our great hope to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss and plastic waste pollution. Hannah has a wealth of knowhow on our oceans, as an entrepreneur, passionate diver and previously as a marine scientist.