10:4511:00 21. Jan 2023
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Love your ocean


FinX is revolutionizing the nautical world by developing
an undulating membrane for boat engines, imitating fish swimming. This new propulsion, which replaces the
propeller by a fin, is eco-designed, bio-inspired, efficient, electric and totally safe. It represents the future of
nautical mobility. Indeed, FinX meets the major needs of the sector by providing key advantages. This proven
technology is totally safe (no risk of cut, injury, or entanglement), efficient, robust and easier to maintain (low
maintenance, as the motor is composed of only a few parts). After the Fin5 (5CV-2kW) and the Fin150
(150-120kW), FinX will develop intermediate ranges, as well as higher powers, with an objective: the generalized
replacement of the propeller. By choosing innovation, entrepreneurship and the future, FinX is in line with the
dynamics of the energy transition and honors its goal of becoming a player in the decarbonized world of tomorrow.