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Gold Rush in the Deep Sea - The Hunt for New Raw Materials from the Sea

What do smartphones or electric cars have to do with the destruction of our oceans? So far, nothing... But that could soon change! The deep sea - habitat for mysterious creatures and driver of important material cycles on our planet - is increasingly targeted by governments and industries worldwide. They want to use huge machines to mine valuable metals and so-called rare earths from the seabed. The lure is big business. Germany is also in on the action. But scientists are sounding the alarm: unique deep-sea ecosystems could be severely damaged in the long term. What exactly is deep-sea mining, what drastic consequences it can have for our oceans, and what Greenpeace is doing about it on land and at sea, will be described by Dr. Sandra Schöttner in her presentation. In the spring of 2021, she spent three months on board the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior III in the Pacific to protest with an international team against the planned mining of raw materials in the deep sea.