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World of Paddling

Kayaking cleans our mind and we clean the river

In our article we tell you why we kayak, what we love about it and why we not only feel connected to nature but also feel responsible for it. Sebastian and Marius, real BRO's on water and on land, are committed to the preservation of nature, explain why navigation rules on rivers make sense and why you should avoid places, even if they are very inviting.
Nevertheless, the two explore the most beautiful corners of Germany together. Whether Dahme, Spree, Lahn and Main, Pegnitz, Enz, Altmühl Rems and Rhine, where could it be even more beautiful. The two have the Neckar practically on their doorstep. In addition to the waterway, it is also a natural idyll and they do something for it.

Taking responsibility is not for everyone. Luckily, many water sports enthusiasts do the same as us, by setting up CLEAN UP campaigns like us and freeing the local waters of waste. We are happy to take you with us on our adventures. Sebastian & Marius „My_Adventuregraphy“