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World of Paddling

Canoe touring - a fascination
a change of perspective in leisure time both once for a day and on holiday over 1-3 weeks. Canoe Touring, Training (Sport Badge EPP Germany)

Canoe Touring ... is hiking on waterways
Whether small rivers like Sieg, Agger, Sülz, Nister, etc., rivers like Rhine, Weser, Elbe, Danube, or tide-free seas like the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean... the paddling area is huge, you just have to decide!
Touring paddling includes the basics of white water paddling as well as the basics of sea kayak paddling, both paddling techniques have to be used depending on the river area and the chosen boat.
Hiking can be done as a day trip on a small river with up to approx. 25 km a day or on a large river like the Rhine with a good current with a daily distance of 30 up to 60 km a day, depending on experience and condition.
Something special, however, are the multi-day trips, which usually take you a little further away and, as weekend trips, can mean a short holiday or last up to 2-3 weeks, i.e. they are real holiday trips that can take you further away, to Sweden, France, Croatia, Great Britain, Ireland... or even to Australia or the USA.
According to the requirements, there is also a training course that is especially aimed at touring paddlers, e.g. the safety course Touring. The Canoe Sport Badge EPP-Germany has developed its own learning objectives for canoe touring from beginners to experienced paddlers who take others along under their guidance.
But everyone starts small, preferably in a club. On club trips with touring character, inexperienced people are always taken into consideration and also trained in tour planning, so that they can soon plan and help organise such trips themselves.