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World of Paddling

Plastic in streams - why water protection concerns us all!

As nature sportsmen and women, water sportsmen and women are also becoming increasingly aware of the increasing water pollution, particularly through plastic waste, in the context of their sporting activities. The film "The North Drift - Plastik in Strömen!", which will be released in German cinemas in the fall of 2022, impressively describes the major problem of plastic waste in the Arctic and, for the first time, describes the path of the waste via Europe's rivers into the Arctic Ocean. At the invitation of the Canoe Association NRW e.V., Dresden filmmaker Steffen Krones will give an introductory account of his experiences during the filming of the movie. Central questions such as "how big is the problem in Germany, but also worldwide?" or "What can water sports enthusiasts actively do against it?" will be addressed in the subsequent panel discussion on the topic of "water pollution" with Steffen Krones ("The North Drift - Plastic in Streams") as well as representatives of water sports or representatives of the "Initiative Gewässerretter" on the stage of the WOP "World of Paddling".