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World of Paddling

Out on the water - the fascination of canoeing

What can you do?
River, lake, islands, coast, day trip, weekend trip, holiday, long trips
How do you get started?
Test trips with organisers, through rental companies or trial paddling in a club. How can you get fit?
Find fun in paddling, training, courses, tours with more experienced paddlers, paddle a lot yourself ...
How many stars can I get?
Everything is possible. A paddling trip as a component of an all-inclusive package with upmarket 3 to 5-star accommodation.
accommodation standard. Paddling on your own with 1000 stars above your tent. My own experience with
latter alternative
Best time
Here I will describe that in principle you can paddle all year round.
Conclusion: Among the three most typical ways of travelling by muscle power (hiking, cycling, paddling), paddling offers
In my view, paddling offers the greatest potential for actively experiencing landscapes from a special perspective.
In the boat, the way to small adventures is very short ...
Finally, pictures of paddling tours in Germany and abroad with music background