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World of Paddling

Out on the water - Fascination Stand Up Paddling

SUP trend from my own perspective. At first I thought: completely stupid. Now I am a passionate
What can you do?
"Swim paddling" on the beach, shorter or longer trips, downwinder, tours with luggage ...
How do you get started?
On sheltered shores: Rent a board, let someone show you how to do it and off you go ...
Better: take a beginner's course with a competent instructor.
More and more SUP centres offer courses and test opportunities.
Your first board
Here I give some advice on buying a board and refer you to different ways of using it and the corresponding
Where, how and when can the SUP adventure begin?
On lakes, rivers, the sea ... by car, bike, sailboat, houseboat
Throughout the year with appropriate experience, skills and equipment
Conclusion: The learning curve on the SUP board usually goes steeply upwards very quickly. The training factor for the
body is enormous: body tension, deep muscles, endurance ... It's a lot of fun and opens up new
perspectives. Caution: It can be addictive.
Finally, pictures of SUP tours in Germany and abroad with music.