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Sea Shepherd - We are back in the Baltic Sea

We have recovered deadly traps from the Baltic Sea, saved animals' lives and made our environment (a little) cleaner.

In June 2021, we returned to the Baltic Sea to fight for the survival of harbor porpoises and many other endangered marine species. For a good three months, we patrolled the sea areas between Flensburg and Rügen with our boat, the EMANUEL BRONNER, recovered ghost nets, observed fishing vessels, checked set nets and carried out a large number of beach cleanups.

In total, we removed nearly 4.5 tons of ghost nets and other fishing gear from the Baltic Sea. In 250 dives, we recovered 36 nets, covering an area of approximately 3,000 square meters, saving over 400 marine animals from their deadly captivity. Added to this are the countless marine animals for which there is now no longer any danger from these nets.

90 km of beach were cleaned and about 3 tons of garbage were collected, including 1,500 kilograms of fishing equipment and about 35 kilograms of cigarette butts.

A successful and at the same time sad balance, which makes clear why the Baltic Sea urgently needs our help.

In the presentations, we report on our successful campaign in the Baltic Sea, present our goals and actions, and present ourselves to the audience as competent discussion partners.