13:0013:20 27. Jan 2022
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The Mission and Vision of PADI and the PADI AWARE Foundation

This year PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors®) announced the creation of PADI AWARE Foundation. The non-profit public charity is dedicated to driving local action for global ocean conservation. The new PADI AWARE Foundation shares PADI’s mission to expand advocacy and achieve critical ocean conservation goals, aligned with the United Nations´ Sustainable Development goals, in the years ahead. Our vision is to achieve balance between humanity and the ocean.
In the presentation we will talk about PADI’s mission to create one billion PADI TorchbearersTM to explore and protect the ocean and how the new foundation will build citizen-led conservation and activism programs, as well as expand current ones, to address key ocean threats, such as marine debris, climate change, marine habitat loss and vulnerable species protection across the planet.