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Philip Easthill

European Boating Industry (EBI), Secretary-General

Events with Philip Easthill:

Philip Easthill is the Secretary-General of European Boating Industry (EBI), which represents the European recreational boating and nautical tourism industry. The mission of the association is to advance and represent a sustainable boating and nautical tourism industry #MadeInEurope. Key topics that EBI is working on at a policy level and in cooperation with its members are sustainability, circular economy, tourism, taxation, qualifications, access to finance, and international trade.
He has been in the position since September 2019 and previously worked in Public Affairs and Regulatory Affairs at EU level. With an academic background in Politics and Business Management, he is also an avid sailor and worked in the industry previously. Philip Easthill represents the industry towards the EU institutions, as well as in high-level fora and Expert Groups relevant for the sector.